​Minimize risks, maximize opportunities - with our tactical currency hedging, we optimize the performance of your portfolio.

​- Christian Ansorg -
Managing Partner

​​Minimize risks, maximize opportunities - with our tactical currency hedging, we optimize the performance of your portfolio.

​- Christian Ansorg -
Managing Partner

​Our investment strategies are geared to long-term success and take into account the individual needs and objectives of our customers. We pursue a disciplined, value-oriented investment strategy aimed at diversifying our clients' portfolios, minimizing risks and generating attractive value growth.

Our advisory approach


Situation analysis

​​We focus on a holistic view of your wealth situation, goals, wishes, and needs. We consider your liquid and illiquid assets, income and expenses, real estate, and the cost structure of banks.


​Asset structuring

​​We develop a target structure for your assets that is sustainable in the long term and meets your wishes and needs.



​​We support you in the implementation and the selection of suitable partner banks with attractive conditions. You decide how you want your portfolio to be managed or whether you want to make the investment decisions yourself.


Support & Monitoring

​​We are in regular contact with you to alert you to changing circumstances at an early stage and to discuss implications for your portfolio.

Our investment styles

You delegate

​The objectives of our portfolio management are to maximize returns and diversify risk. For this purpose, we mainly use direct investments and cost-efficient investment instruments. In our portfolio management solutions, we rely on the know-how of our investment experts (and the analyses of various banks). In addition to the broad diversification of our portfolios, we exploit investment opportunities as they arise.

You decide

​Our experienced and qualified experts not only provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation, but also help you to identify opportunities and risks on the global financial markets. We ensure that your investment strategy is aligned with your individual goals, needs and risk tolerance and support you in implementing your investment decisions. You benefit from attractive prices and comprehensive support along the lines of our advisory approach.

Our custodian banks
Frequently asked questions
​How can I protect my portfolio from currency losses?

​Asserta offers a modern and efficient approach to actively and profitably manage foreign exchange risks with tactical currency hedging.

​How can I optimize my portfolio to increase returns?

​When preparing your individual portfolio, we take into account your profit expectations and your personal risk appetite. We will be happy to show you different option-, currency- or leverage-strategies.

​How can I hedge my portfolio against falling prices?

​There are various ways to protect portfolios from falling share prices and still be able to participate in rising markets. We will be happy to work out your personal risk management with you and, of course, accompany you also in volatile times.